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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Veterans Benefits

I am an accredited VA attorney and handle a few claims, if I am also the SS rep.  You must have a Notice of Decision regarding the degree to which you are impaired (e.g. 40%), which is dated after June 2007.  The attorney fee in VA cases is also contingent; you pay nothing unless we are successful.  Then the fee is 20% of past-due benefits.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Do I have to repay my insurance company?

Most people who have long term disability insurance from a private company have signed a contract to repay any past-due Social Security benefits they obtain.  It is true that you may have a legal obligation to repay.  And the company may be able to get a judgment against you in court if you do not repay.  However, Social Security benefits can only be garnished for debts you owe the federal government or for past-due child support.  Not for what you owe a private insurance company.  So even though there is a judgment against you, they may not be able to get their money.  You cannot squeeze blood from a turnip.

One lesson here is DO NOT BELIEVE what the person working for the insurance company tells you.  What they say may very well be in the interests of your insurance company, not your interests.

Allsup Inc.

This is a national company that advertises great success in representation.  Do not believe what they say.  The representatives are not attorneys.  They do not know the judges.  And they may be in collusion with your Long Term Disabilty insurance company to take your money.  Google Robbery Without a Gun or click on this link.